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Platypus Watch Survey – Coomera

September 8, 2019 at 5:00 am - 9:00 am

PlatypusWatch – To register, please email [email protected]!

PlatypusWatch needs your help! Come along to one of our surveys and help us to spot platypus! It is imperative that we learn more about platypus and their habitat so that we can work out why they are disappearing from some of our waterways. PlatypusWatch is community-science at its best and relies on an army of passionate volunteers to assess platypus habitat and record platypus sightings during our twice-annual surveys along the rivers and creeks of the Gold Coast. The data is part of a wider platypus support network and is used to assess the health of our local platypus populations, as well as being shared with our local councils

The platypus is one of the most amazingly unique creatures in the world being a duck-billed, otter-footed egg-laying, semi-aquatic mammal that is endemic to Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Primarily nocturnal, they live in specialised habitats along creeks and rivers in an array of different climates,  from cold highlands to tropical rainforests.

Unfortunately platypus numbers appear to be in decline as they face more dangers from vehicles, dogs and rubbish such as yabby nets, fishing tackle and plastic. Their habitat is also under threat and is being decimated by farming, city expansion, water extraction, pollution and illegal capture.

Join us at one of our surveys and contribute to the platypus survival effort! As a community, let’s work together to save one of the world’s most unique animals!

Due to the popularity of PlatypusWatch, registrations must be completed by email. Please email [email protected] and get all the information for our surveys as well as the compulsory induction!



September 8, 2019
5:00 am - 9:00 am


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