Citizen science programs

Watergum has extensive experience in undertaking citizen science programs, getting communities involved in on ground research and monitoring of our biodiversity. Our data has contributed to scientific knowledge and broadened our understanding of species on the Gold Coast.


Contribute to the monitoring of platypus populations on the Gold Coast and in Logan!

Annual Surveying:

  • March/April and August/September

Daily surveying:

  • Platypus365 Research Project

All volunteers must complete a PlatypusWatch Induction prior to participating.

Water Monitoring

Anlayse Water Heath on the Gold Coast and in Logan through data collection.

  • Quarterly macro-invertebrate sampling at a variety of sites
  • Monthly Water Quality testing accross the region

Adopt a site and help identify waterbugs four times a year to monitor season waterway health.

Cane Toad Challenge

Reduce cane toad numbers locally through tadpole trapping and toad busting.

  • Optimise your tadpole trapping technique
  • Community toad busting events
  • Education and training
  • Research and development

Control cane toand and contribut to Watergum’s national initiative to reduce the impacts of cane toads in Australia

TurtleWatch Gold Coast

Help to monitor Gold Coast beaches for sea turtle nesting.

  • Walk the beaches during nesting season
  • Clean up turtle habitat
  • Raise awareness of turtle nesting on the Gold Coast
  • Help to monitor active nests

Become a Gold Coast TurtleWalker

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