The Great Cane Toad Bust

What is the Great Cane Toad Bust?

The Great Cane Toad Bust is a national incentive to encourage community cane toad control activities!

A mere 102 cane toads were brought to Queensland in 1935. Over the last 86 years cane toads and bred, and spread, and now their numbers exceed 2 billion!

Did you know that each female cane toad can produce up to 70,000 babies a year?!

Through toad busting activities we can remove fertile adults from the environment before they have an opportunity to breed!

Toad busting is a highly effective form of cane toad control and can have a big impact on local populations.

We need Australians to step up and work together to impact cane toads on a national scale. The more people who get involved, the greater our impact will be!

Let’s work together to impact cane toads!

Before you start toad busting, you MUST be confident in cane toad Vs native frog ID. Please read our guide and if you are unsure, LEAVE IT ALONE!

Great Cane Toad Bust 2021 Results!





How can you get involved?

  1. Look on the map to find events near you
    Join an event or regular toad busting group in your area. Meet like minded people and have some fun!
  2. Take part as an individual
    Start toad busting on your property and in your local streets, on your own or with your family!
  3. Set up your own local toad busting group
    Reach out to your local community and create a local neighbourhood group. Use the resources below!

Great Cane Toad Bust Events and Sessions

These are all the toad busting sessions that were logged during the 2021!

More information and Resources

Planning a Toad Busting Session

Are you planning to get involved in The Great Cane Toad Bust?

You can use the map below to find sessions near you. Or perhaps you want to plan your own?

Maybe plan a meet-up with friends in your local, toad-infested park?

You could engage your local neighbourhood and start a regular toad busting group in your area?

You can even create an online event for your local community and encourage everyone to go out toad busting on their own properties on the same night, or even to join in The Great Cane Toad Bust whole heartedly and compete for the whole duration of the event!

Register Your Session

Use the form below to allow us log your session on the event map.

This way, your community can see that action is being taken in their area.

Locations will be approximate and exact addresses won’t be revealed.

If you are hoping to attract locals to your session you can advertise it through our event map by providing a link or contact details.

Sessions work best when they are fun and educational. It is also imperative that toad busters can tell the difference between cane toads and native frogs.

Please ensure attendees review the educational resources prior to the session.

Engagement Tips and Resources

Make toad busting fun by introducing competitions, encouraging night-spotting and ending the night with an ‘evening tea’ or a beer and a BBQ.

Make use of the following resources to help you educate and engage your community.

Remember, accurate ID is so incredibly important.

Cane Toad or Native Frog?

Frog ID app

How to Toad Bust – Video

The Great Cane Toad Bust Poster

Watergum Cane Toads FREE online Course

Toad Busting Check List

Cane Toad or Native Frog?

Before you start toad busting, make sure you all read this guide to help you tell the difference between cane toads and native frogs.

The main goal of The Great Cane Toad Bust is to protect and reclaim habitat for native species, especially frogs! So it’s important that your ID skills are up to scratch.

The guide will help you to learn the difference between frogs and cane toads at all life stages.

Remember, if you are unsure, LEAVE IT ALONE!

Click here to become an expert in cane toad Vs native frog ID!

Humane Euthanasia

Cane toads deserve to be treated kindly, It’s our fault they’re here!

Watergum encourages everyone to euthanise cane toads using the cooling and freezing method.

Refrigerate toads for up to 24 hours before freezing them for a minimum of 24 hours. This ensures they slip peacefully into a coma, meaning they suffer no pain when they are later frozen. Toads that are frozen straight away experience great pain as ice crystals form in their veins.

To read the science behind humane euthanasia, click on the link below.

Watergum’s humane euthanasia policy

Safety Reminders

Please stay safe while you are conducting your cane toad control efforts!

Cane toads are toxic. Most of the toxin is in their paratoid glads behind their eyes, and they may excrete this when they feel threatened.

Toxin is also present in their skin. If you pick up cane toads with your bare hands, your nerves will be affected by the toxin. Your hands will start to tingle. This is not good, please don’t do it!

Please also be aware of snakes, traffic and other potential threats. Wear proper shoes, long pants and hi-vis if you are out on the streets. Stay safe!


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