Cane Toad Challenge Gold Coast

Help reduce Cane Toad numbers on the Gold Coast with Tadpole Trapping and Toad Busting!

The Cane Toad Challenge is a revolutionary method of cane toad control developed that uses the toad’s own toxins against them! Sign up as a member through Watergum and start impacting cane toads on the Gold Coast! Those involved have two tasks; collecting adult cane toads on their properties though toad-busting activities and trapping tadpoles in tadpole traps using baits made from cane toad glands. The traps are cheap to purchase, easy to use and members will be supplied with bait for FREE.

How do I get involved?

Tadpole trapping

To enrol as a member and start tadpole trapping you first need to complete a short Enrolment course that will tell you everything you need to know about tadpole trapping! Enrolment events have been temporarily postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions BUT if you are on the Gold Coast, you can now enrol online!

Once you have completed the course you can collect a trap and baits from us in Nerang.

Go to Watergum Online Classroom to enrol on the Cane Toad Challenge.

To be a tadpole trapper, you must have a dam or pond or other water body on your property. If you don’t don’t worry! The Cane Toad Challenge is about control of adults as well!

Cane toad busting

No water? No worries! You can still contribute to the Cane Toad Challenge through Toad Busting!

We need your frozen toads for bait production! Email us at to arrange collection/delivery.

We also want your toad busting data! Use our quick online form to record the amount of toads you are collecting on your properties. This data allows us to keep track of cane toad numbers as well as identify annual and geographical population trends.

Have a look at our Toad Busting Database to see how many toads are being caught in your local area!

Cane Toad Challenge Online learning

Find our Cane Toad Challenge course here:

Upload and view data!

Tadpole Data

Toad Busting Data

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Cane toad data and mapping

This program is supported the City of Gold Coast, Cane Toad Challenge and Nerang Men’s Shed