Cane Toad Challenge Gold Coast

Help reduce Cane Toad numbers on the Gold Coast

The Cane Toad Challenge is a revolutionary method of cane toad control developed by Rob Capon and his team at the University of Queensland that uses the toad’s own toxins against them. Sign up to through Watergum and start impacting cane toads on the Gold Coast. Those involved have two tasks; collecting adult cane toads on their properties though toad-busting activities and trapping tadpoles in tadpole traps using baits made from cane toad glands. The traps are cheap to purchase, easy to use and members will be supplied with bait for FREE. If you or your business are a private landholder and want to contribute to the eradication of cane toads, please email us at

It is mandatory to attend a short presentation before you can sign up as a program member and begin tadpole trapping.

We want your frozen toads!

Every toad removed from the environment is potentially the prevention of 70,000 annual offspring being born! Collect toads on your property and in your local area and donate them to us! In order to keep supplying you with bait, we need a constant supply of frozen toads.

POur office is based at Country Paradise Parklands in Nerang but we are not there every day. If you have some frozen toads to donate, please email us at to arrange delivery.

We can also arrange to collect them from you!

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