Gold Coast Shorebirds

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An organisation dedicated to safeguarding the endangered migratory shorebirds along the Gold Coast Broadwater.

Robert (Bob) is a retired TAFE teacher and passionate birdwatcher. For more than two decades, he has dedicated his time to safeguarding the endangered migratory shorebirds of Broadwater on the Gold Coast by monitoring and collecting data. His quest has led him to map and record how shorebirds are distributed throughout the Broadwater and its associated systems. His efforts have resulted in a comprehensive database of around three thousand records from forty sites. Bob is always happy to share the recent figures of migratory birds on the Broadwater, including Curlew Island and Curlew Banks, using illustrated counts to showcase the importance of protecting these precious sites.

Bob has a passion for protecting the shorebirds and their homes and has teamed up with community groups, such as the Gold Coast Bushwalkers, to educate them about migratory birds and why they need protection. He has also engaged with the local Indigenous elders, the Kombumerri people, to seek insight on preserving the Broadwater. He has contacted the Gold Coast Waterways Authority multiple times to express his concerns about the destructive activities on the Broadwater affecting the migratory birds. Bob has achieved some wins over the last few years, with Curlew Island being made an environmental reserve. He is currently working on having a trustee appointed to this site. His next goal is to protect the waters of the Broadwater to ensure a safe habitat for migratory shorebirds. Bob’s efforts in educating the community and safeguarding these birds are vital for their conservation and long-distance journeys. His passion and dedication make him deserving of the prestigious Serventy Conservation Award.


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