Toad Busting

Toad Busting!

Did you know Cane Toads can live for more than 10 years? Time to head out toad busting - every Cane Toad counts!

Cane Toads are an invasive species in Australia that cause declines in our native wildlife populations, poison domestic pets and impact local agriculture!

Toad busting is an easy, fun and effective way to control Cane Toad populations in your local area. Simply head out after dusk with a torch, bucket and gloves and catch adult Cane Toads!

Cane Toads are most active in the warmer months (typically September – April). Toad busting even once a month during this period will have an impact on your local populations.

Join Australia's biggest toad bust - the Great Cane Toad Bust!

The Great Cane Toad Bust is on again, running from January 13 – 21st 2024. Click here to learn more!

Cane Toads removed in the 2022/2023 season!

Watergum Toad Busting - Toad busters
Watergum Toad Busting - Toad busters

Toad Busting 101

How to toad bust:

  1. Head out after sunset

  2. Use a bright torch to look for Cane Toads

  3. When you see a toad, grab it!

  4. Place toad in bucket.

  5. Repeat! Every toad caught makes a difference.

  6. After your toad busting session, count your catch and upload your data.

  7. Humanely euthanise your Cane Toads.

Watergum Toad Busting - Bucket with Lid
Watergum Toad Busting - Rubber gloves
Watergum Toad Busting - Torch

A bucket (with a lid)
We use 10 or 20L buckets with a hole cut into the centre of the lid (~10cm diameter). This prevents the toads from hopping out while you’re out toad busting!

Rubber gloves
Cane Toads will secrete toxin when stressed, always wear gloves when handling toads! We use re-usable gloves, but disposable gloves are okay too.

A torch
So you can see your toads! Make sure to brush up on your Cane Toad ID to know what you’re looking at.

Optional: rubbish grabbers / litter pickers!
These will save your back from bending over and are available from most hardware stores.

Toad Tips

Look for Cane Toads around the edges of vegetation, near or in waterways and under artificial lights. Cane Toads emerge at different times, so doing multiple sweeps in your area over the night will help catch more! 

Shine a light in the Cane Toads eyes to make them easier to catch. Cane Toads will often sit upright and stay still, as their best defence is their toxin! 

Count your catch when you get home and upload your toad busting data to our website! This helps us to track your impact on Cane Toad populations.

Humanely euthanise your toads – remember it’s not their fault they are here! Best practice is refrigeration for 24-48 hours to place the toad into torpor (hibernation), before placing into the freezer for 24-48 hours to euthanise the toad.

Not keen on putting toads into your fridge/freezer? Watergum operates a series of drop off points around South East Queensland and Northern NSW. You can take live toads to these locations to be humanely euthanised. The Cane Toads dropped off at these points are collected by Watergum staff and used in the production of Watergum Cane Toad Tadpole Lures. These drop off points are run by generous volunteers, so please always call ahead!

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