Quoll Society

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Quoll Society of Australia is dedicated to the conservation of Australia's quolls.

Formed in 2017, The Quoll Society's mission is to protect and conserve our amazing Australian quolls. Working together with a range of partners, including national parks staff, local councils, private landholders and their awesome team of quoll volunteers, they are conducting research and conservation activities to learn more about quolls, manage threats to quoll survival, and restoring important habitat. It's hard to believe, but most Australians have never even heard of quolls, so raising public awareness is one of our key missions.

The four species of quolls are the largest native marsupial predators on the Australian mainland . But all of these special carnivores are threatened with extinction if we don't take action, and could easily disappear forever like their big cousin, the Tasmanian tiger. At the Quoll Society of Australia, their team of scientists and volunteers are all dedicated to making sure this doesn't happen. A world without quolls is not one that we want to see! With your help, we will never have to.


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