Our hands-on and Australian Curriculum based workshops and kids programs are a great way to gain understanding of our local wildlife and nature. Our programs are outdoors and weather dependent, however our Platypus and waterbug session can be held indoors. All resources are provided.

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Our Workshops


The platypus is an amazing semi-aquatic mammal that is endemic to Eastern Australia and Tasmania. It is primarily nocturnal, living in creeks and rivers from cold highlands areas to tropical rainforests. Unfortunately platypus numbers appear to be declining due to habitat disruption, water extraction, pollution of waterways and illegal capture. 

This workshop includes an introductory presentation to teach you all about platypus and their natural habitat followed by a build your own platypus habitat workshop and other crafting exercises! Resources are provided.


This workshop introduces you to the world of waterbugs. Waterbugs can be found in rivers, creeks and wetlands. Waterbugs are vital for our waterways and are great water health indicators! They are also on the platypus menu so it is important to keep up to date with the health of the waterbug population.

In this workshop you will analyse and identify a sample of waterbugs! You will be amazed with all the creatures you find and their ingenious ways to camouflage and protect themselves. This is a very hands-on session. Resources are provided


This workshop introduces the kids to the underwater world, particularly seagrass and all it’s creatures. Seagrass is a vital food source for various marine species (like the turtle!) besides being a home for numerous organisms. During this workshop we focus on identifying the different types of seagrass and the animals found within this environment. We might even spot a seahorse, colourful fish or turtles!

This workshop is hands-on and kids need to wear sun smart clothing including reef shoes. Resources are provided.

Our Teaching Team

Rosalinde Brinkman
Lauren Morgan
Emily Vincent