Who we are

We are about helping the community to be part of something real.

Watergum is a not-for-profit organisation that helps the community engage in real, on-ground work to restore, maintain and protect the natural environment. We do this through citizen science programs, restoration and conservation projects, events, workshop and member services. Watergum works directly with the community on our own projects, and indirectly by supporting our member groups who work with the community on their own projects.

We do this by:

· Connecting community groups and individuals who are involved in on-ground environmental management work through our website, newsletter, social media and events;

· Providing services to our member groups including marketing, web presence, insurance, acting as a sponsoring organisation for grant applications and helping to manage their grant funds;

· Hosting and co-hosting environmental events that engage the general community;

· Co-ordinating Citizen Science Programs that monitor the health of our environment and engage and educate the community;

· Managing environmental projects for other organisations.

Our ultimate aim is to involve the community in monitoring and managing the environment, so collectively we can maintain and restore our landscapes to places of beauty, clean water and native habitat that will support our community and wildlife for centuries to come.

Meet our Committee

Our governing committee is a balanced mix of professionals, volunteers and business people.

Wal Mayr


Wal is passionate about the natural world. He spends his free time bird watching, bushwalking, in the ocean or working on his Nature Refuge Property. Wal was founder and CEO of a successful mapping company which had offices all over Australia. He now dedicates his working life to helping Watergum become an organisation that makes a real difference.

Steven Gill

Vice president & Secretary

Sue Durance


Heather Mayr

Public Officer

Natalie Hoskins

General Member

Natalie’s passion is the environment we share, and the community we live in. She has worked as an Environmental Scientist for 30 years, and 28 of those have been servicing the beautiful Gold Coast environment.  During this time she has gained the respect of environmental scientists, industry leaders, Local and State Governments, and community groups. This allows her to work across a number of sectors to achieve real environmental outcomes. And she loves Platypus!

Mitchell Thomas-Carr

Seqwater representative

Lauren Morgan

General member

Rosalinde Brinkman

Executive Officer

Rosalinde is our Executive Officer. She is passionate about everything nature and loves working for Watergum and with the local community. Rosalinde has a B.Sc (Hons) in Wildlife management and is the 2019 Queensland Young Landcare Leader. Rose spends her free time rescuing wildlife, on the beach or in her organic garden.

Emily Vincent

General member

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