Who we are

We are about helping the community to be part of something real.

Our Vision

To be recognised across Australia as a leading organisation that cultivates cultural change through community engagement and on-ground environmental initiatives.

Our Mission

We help people gain skills, knowledge and a better understanding of the environment. Collectively we restore and maintain our landscapes to places of beauty, clean water and native habitat that will support our community and wildlife for generations to come.

Watergum Key Activities:

  1. Networking and connecting government, community groups and individuals who are involved in on-ground environmental initiatives;
  2. Providing Member Services including auspicing, assistance in obtaining and managing grants, marketing, web presence, insurance and general administration;
  3. Hosting and co-hosting environmental Events that engage the general community;
  4. Co-ordinating and managing Project work, Citizen Science Programs and Invasive Species Programs that help the environment, and engage and educate the community;
  5. Delivering Australian curriculum based Kids Workshops and presentations to the public and private sector;
  6. Providing independent and non-political input to government on environmental issues and initiatives.

Meet our Committee

Our governing committee is a balanced mix of professionals, volunteers and business people.

Wal Mayr


Wal has a business background with his Australia-wide mapping company being recognised as 2001 Queensland Business of the Year. Wal was also recognised as the Gold Coast’s 2016 Environmental Citizen of the Year. He is President of Watergum and coordinates Austinville Landcare. Over the last 40 years he and his wife Heather have restored their 25 Ha property from an ex-banana farm to a weed free Nature Refuge. Wal spends his free time birdwatching, swimming and being with his family and valley community.

Sue Durance


Sue has been an active member of Watergum as well the secretary for Northeast Albert Landcare since 1992. She is passionate about protecting vulnerable species such as the Critically Endangered Ormeau Bottle tree. Her primary focus is restoring critical habitat for their ongoing survival as well as environmental education. Sue works closely with volunteers, local community groups, local industries and all levels of government to achieve positive outcomes for the environment.

Heather Mayr

Public Officer

As a Chartered Accountant and teacher in the Business School at Griffith University, Heather brings valuable experience to our organisation in her accounting/ finance role. Not only is she good with numbers and spreadsheets; Heather also has a love of Australian native flora and landscapes and is a keen bush walker. She is an active member of Austinville Landcare, Flower by Friends and enjoys working in rainforest restoration.

Paul Donatiu

General Member

Paul has lots of experience in the environmental field, having worked for Griffith University, WWF, Greening Australia and the Qld National Parks Association, before settling at Healthy Land and Water, managing their Biodiversity Conservation Team. Paul is extremely passionate about the natural environment and is a keen Field Botanist. In his spare time, he can often be found in the bush photographing wildflowers or taking his daughters on outdoor adventures.

David Cuschieri

General Member

David is a solutions based thinker and environmental actionist. He combines his business and creative backgrounds with his passion for community and environment to find unique solutions to local environmental issues. He heads Koalas On the Green, a grassroots environmental organisation that creatively connects businesses and communities with biodiversity. Together with his wife, he volunteers as a koala rescuer with a local wildlife charity. David spends his free time trekking in nature

Natalie Hoskins

General Member

Natalie’s passion is the environment we share, and the community we live in. She has worked as an Environmental Scientist for 30 years, and 28 of those have been servicing the beautiful Gold Coast environment.  During this time she has gained the respect of environmental scientists, industry leaders, Local and State Governments, and community groups. This allows her to work across a number of sectors to achieve real environmental outcomes. And she loves Platypus!

Mitchell Thomas-Carr

Seqwater representative

Mitchell’s passion is conservation and ecological restoration. He has over 12 years’ experience in Bushland restoration and specialises in threatened fauna species programs.

Mitch is our Seqwater committee representative and is charged with the catchment management operations throughout Hinze dam, Little Nerang Dam, Redlands & North Stradbroke Island.

Meet our Staff

Rosalinde Brinkman

Executive Officer

Rosalinde is our Executive Officer. She is passionate about everything nature and loves working for Watergum and with the local community. Rosalinde has a B.Sc (Hons) in Wildlife management (Coastal habitats and community engagement) and is the 2019 Queensland Young Landcare Leader. Her main passion is environmental research and connecting community to science. Rose spends her free time rescuing wildlife for Wildcare Australia, caring for orphaned possums, on the beach or in her organic garden.

Emily Vincent

Program Manager & Committee Secretary

Emily has a degree in history and a passion for the natural environment and community outreach. In her spare time Emily plays netball, takes lessons is Horsemanship and volunteers for Wildcare Australia raising orphaned birds for release. She is also completing her own bush-regen project at home as well as restoring an old Queenslander with her partner. Emily started working for Watergum in 2019 and delivers much of our community engagement work and leads the Invasive Species Programs.

Maddy O’Neill

Support Officer

Maddy is in the final year of her bachelor’s degree studying environmental science at Griffith University. Maddy joined Watergum in 2021 and focuses on the marine and water monitoring programs. Maddy brings with her a passion for conservation and enthusiasm for community engagement. In her spare time she either has her head in her books, is hanging out with her best mate (her dog Ernie) or is volunteering in research projects throughout Southeast QLD.

Kristyn Way

Support Officer

Kristyn is an environmental science graduate majoring in ecology and conservation. Since graduating she has undertaken a variety of volunteering roles focused on ecological research and restoration. Kristyn has a passion for native flora and fauna, and a keen enthusiasm for conservation. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, bush walking and tending to her veggie garden. Kristyn started work at Watergum in 2021 with a focus on the Invasive Species Program. 

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Volunteering with Watergum

The role of volunteers in the environmental sector is critical and Watergum aims to guide this dedicated army into meaningful work that ultimately serves to restore and monitor the natural environment for the benefit of native species.

Benefits to our Volunteers

Watergum volunteers are matched to activities that best suit their interests and will have the opportunity to learn from professionals and improve their skills. Watergum is the umbrella group for other local environmental (un-incorporated) groups and our volunteers benefit from our rich network of contacts. Volunteer progress and achievements are recorded and Watergum will support volunteers to achieve their personal and professional goals.

How do volunteers benefit Watergum?

Volunteers are vital to Watergum’s very existence with our role being to unite the volunteer army and bring them together to achieve bigger outcomes. We do this through acquisition of education, training and skills. Watergum has different types of volunteers, designed to make the most of the volunteers existing skills, needs and time availability.

For more information or to enquire about our current volunteer opportunities, please email us on info@watergum.org