Discover hidden creatures while assessing waterway health

The waterways around the Gold Coast are teeming with Waterbugs. Not only are they a vital food source for platypus, turtles and other aquatic animals, they also offer valuable insight into waterway health.

Some waterbugs are very sensitive to pollution, while others are more tolerant. When we collect a waterbug sample, if we don’t find those sensitive bugs we know there is a problem with that waterway.

The program raises community and government awareness in the Gold Coast region and aims to distribute information on macro invertebrate composition, waterways health trends and impacts. The program is open to the wider community and we encourage everyone to participate and learn new skills whilst collecting vital data!

Watergum’s Waterbugs has expanded! We have recently teamed up with Logan City Council to start monitoring sites in the Albert River.

Watch our video introduction to see how waterbugs help us assess waterway health

Waterbug report card 2019/2020

This program is supported the City of Gold Coast and Logan City Council