Water Quality Monitoring

What is in our waterways?

Seize the opportunity to use our state of the art water quality probe to record vital data regarding our local water composition. Water pH, oxygen levels, temperature and other parameters can have a huge impact on the quality of our waterways and on the creatures that depend on them for survival. The Water Quality program collects monthly readings at select locations in order to assess the changing quality of our waterways throughout the year. We also rely on our volunteers to record observational details that could have an effect on the water quality reading such as current and recent weather conditions, visible rubbish and pollution, weeds, site usage or disturbance, and wildlife sightings.

The data collected is shared with local councils and highlights those areas where action needs to be taken! If you are passionate about the environment and keen to contribute to its preservation, we encourage you to come along and meet like-minded people while learning new skills and collecting vital data!

A community initiative

Coordinated by Watergum and supported by the City of Gold Coast – Catchment Management Unit, the Water Quality Monitoring program is a collaborative effort between Gecko, Coomera River Catchment Group, Nerang River Keepers, Austinville Landcare & Somerset College 

All survey results can be found here

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You can find methodology, research set up and more in this manual

It is important to carry this sheet with you whilst you are out on a survey

Paper datasheets are a good back up system, find them here.