Online Catchment Crawl 2020

photo by Nathan Brayshaw (A Man A Beard A Camera)

Watergum Catchment Crawl 2021

More details about our Catchment Crawl 2021 will soon be online.

This event is supported by the City of Gold Coast.

Catchment Crawl 2020

We couldn’t take you our on a bus trip in 2020 but we did take you on a tour! We took the Catchment Crawl online and showcased some amazing local projects that are located in the northern parts of the Gold Coast. You can watch all our catchment crawl videos below. Watch grass roots groups, to aboriginal stories and regional and local government talks about their projects.

This event is supported by the City of Gold Coast.

June 8th: Koalas on the Green

Providing sanctuaries, safe havens, food resources and koala super highways helping koalas safely negotiate the increasingly complex and dangerous urban matrix. David will talk about his grass roots initiative!

June 15th: Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Assocation

Ngarang-Wal G.C.A.A Inc. are the traditional custodians of Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area, located in our glorious Hinterland. We use this Protected Area for training, education, environmental conservation and traditional uses

June 22nd: North East Albert Landcare and Healthy Land and Water

The Ormeau Bottle Tree is a critically endangered canopy tree that’s native to the Ormeau area in South East Queensland. For decades, the species has been under threat from weeds, wildfires and land clearing.

In an effort to help conserve the species, Healthy Land and Water launched the Ormeau Bottle Tree Project in early 2019 in collaboration with local community groups and land managers through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program

Healthy Land and Water’s Ormeau Bottle Tree Project is built on existing and long-standing collaborations and activity by local community groups including, North East Albert Landcare and Friends of Ormeau Bottle Tree and, land managers from the City of Gold Coast, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Boral and Holcim.

June 29th: City of Gold Coast (Catchment Management Unit)

Marjolein Oram from the City of Gold Coast will take you on a walk to talk about the innovative Damian Leeding Memorial Park project.

The Damian Leeding Memorial Park foreshore stabilisation project was undertaken by the City in 2018. This project is part of a 2.5-kilometre rehabilitation project planned for Regatta Parklands and Damian Leeding Memorial Park.

The foreshore along the Coomera River at Damian Leeding Memorial Park was undergoing significant erosion causing a risk to infrastructure and public safety. There was also concern that the river could break into the recreational lake. The city has implemented some very interesting techniques to mitigates these issues.