Becoming a member of the Gold Coast Catchment Association opens up volunteer possibilities for your group/organisation. Individuals and groups can sign up as supporters and supporter groups to be able to assist you with your projects. Volunteers often request ways to get involved and we try to get them involved to groups of their interest. It is therefore important to keep the Association updated on events, projects, programs and volunteer opportunities. This way we can keep our calendar updated and make sure to pass on your initiatives to the right people at the right time! Please contact the Association if you require more volunteers or support for your projects and we will try our best to get you connected to committed community members.

It is our goal to:

  • create a stronger network between community members and environmental groups
  • create a stronger network between environmental groups
  • facilitate the sharing of information and resources with groups and the community
  • educate the public on the benefits of environmental work on the Gold Coast