Members of Watergum’s, unincorporated groups are able to apply for funding through an auspicing agreement. Watergum can provide advice on grants, a financial framework to direct funds to where they are needed and various administration duties. Keep an eye on this page as we will be adding funding opportunities for our member groups.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions related to any of the grant applications.

Make sure to read the guidelines as these change for each grant
Watergum can be included as your sponsor.
Please make sure to include 5% for management support in your grant expenditure.

Current Grants:

Aurizon Community Giving Fund
Provider: Aurizon
Location: QLD, NSW, WA
Provides relevant and sustainable support to communities in the areas of Health & Wellbeing, Community Safety, Environment and Education. Focused on issues such as improving biodiversity of natural habitats,
community conservation and environmental education. Examples include, land rehabilitation and revegetation programs, clean-up and education days as well as local conservation projects.
Deadline: 23-Oct-20
Amount: $1,000 – $20,000

Queensland Destination Events Program – Destination Event
Provider: Tourism & Events Queensland
Location: QLD
Provides single year funding for developing events seeking growth which can be used for:
– Marketing costs
– Strategic plan development
– Engagement of short-term specialised personnel
– Hire of temporary infrastructure
Opens: Round 2. November-2020
Deadline: Round 1. 7-Oct-2020, Round 2. February-2021
Amount:  $10,000 to $25,000

Gold Coast Council – Community Grants Program
Provider: City of Gold Coast
Location: Gold Coast
Supports community organisations to deliver projects that are in the public interest and that benefit Gold Coast residents.
Funding for this program is allocated by Council resolution via two competitive funding rounds per financial year. Applications for multiple year funding agreements are also received via this program.
Opening: 1-Jan-2021
Deadline: 31-Jan-2021
Amount: up to $1,000 to 20,000

Beyond Bank Community Partnerships
Provider: Beyond Bank Foundation
Location: National
Distributes grants to local non-profit organisations working in the areas of health and safety, financial literacy and environmental sustainability.
Deadline: None
Amount: Unspecified

Groundswell Project Grant Round
Provider: Groundswell
Location: National
Supporting organisations tackling the climate crisis.
We are interested in funding organisations tackling the Climate Crisis who:
– Build the movement – activate new and strategic demographics or sectors to get involved in tackling the climate crisis
– Change the story – build urgency for stronger action from trusted voices in our community
– Shift the money – dry up the pipeline of funding to fossil fuel companies
– Change the politics – enable greater leadership within state and federal Governments.
Deadline: 12-Oct-2020
Amount: Up to $40,000

Project Sponsorship
Provider: Australian Geographic Society
Location: National
Supports Australian scientists, community organisations and individuals in developing projects across the key areas of science, environment, adventure and community
Deadline: 30-Nov-2020
Amount: Up to $10,000