Member Groups

We believe in empowering community to take action for the environment, which is why we are the umbrella organisation for local community groups dedicated to protecting, restoring and maintaining our beautiful natural environment. Our member groups are dedicated to rescuing wildlife, cleaning up our oceans, restoring ecosystems and more.

Watergum provides auspicing, grant writing support and project management assistance to these groups. So they can spend longer where it matters, in the field helping our environment.

You can get involved with our member groups by going along to their activities and events, or joining as a regular volunteer!

Interested in becoming a member group?

Becoming a member group is a great way expand your network and take your cause to the next level. We provide access to our network, communications, insurance and administrative support.  These services can be particularly valuable for new or unincorporated groups. Please note that membership is only available for groups, not individuals. All applications are subject to approval by the Watergum Committee.