Issue 3 November 2010

GCCA Newsletter #3 November 2010

Gold Coast Environmental Participants Celebration Party


It’s been a big year and much has been achieved by Gold Coast environmental volunteers and their supporters. However many of us work in our own little patch and are unaware of the bigger picture.

The Gold Coast Catchment Association and Gold Coast City Council are organizing a major get together of all of us who are involved in environmental work.

Members of Land for Wildlife, Landcare, Bushcare and Beachcare, Voluntary Conservation Agreement participants, Private restoration company and council workers, and other organizations who support environmental volunteers.

Come and join us for a relaxed afternoon; meet like minded people and celebrate a great year.

Saturday 4 December 2010
2pm – 5pm
at Carrara Community Hall
Nielsens Rd, Carrara
Canapes, BBQ & refreshments provided


Please RSVP before Friday 19 November

(07) 5581 1537 or email

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celebration party

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Catchment Scorecard Update

catchment scorecard

Just a quick note to encourage you to check out the latest results of the community Catchment Scorecard. Simply click on the Catchment Map and then on one of the colour-coded survey points to see the results. This is real community work in action.

However… more sites need to be scored!

Contact Janine Sigley if you are interested in being involved (it takes about 10 minutes 4 times per year!). 0400 910 678 or

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Grants for Community Groups to help protect the Environment

environment grant

The Queensland Government is inviting community groups across Queensland to apply for grants to develop innovative and educational projects that effectively engage the community on natural resource issues.
Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson has announced the next round of Natural Resources Awareness Grants to fund activities that strengthen community understanding of our water, land, biodiversity and catchments and to encourage people to become involved in sustainable management practices.

Mr Robertson said the Department of Environment and Resource Management was seeking innovative community ideas for new projects and activities that help to promote and celebrate the contribution of youth and volunteers in the natural resources sector.
He said community groups across Queensland could apply for funding of up to $10,000 to highlight the value of the environment and the need to protect it.

“Natural Resources Awareness Grants are offered to fund activities and projects that promote the importance of natural resources in our lives, while encouraging more Queenslanders to become involved in their protection,” Mr Robertson said.

“Grants of up to $5000 are available to groups such as Landcare and environmental groups, schools and volunteer groups, and up to $10,000 will be considered for projects where there is a genuine collaboration between two or more organisations,” he said.

For more information, grant guidelines and application forms for the Natural Resources Awareness Grants click here. Also there are always grants listed on the Landcare Queensland website. For your convenience, we have also repeated the article on using professional grant writers to help you win grants.

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Using professional grant writers

professional grant writers

Make sure your application is being targeted at the appropriate funding body – when we are so passionate about the environment and the work we’re doing, it’s easy to assume everyone will feel the same way. Government funding programs have very specific outcomes they need to achieve and if you don’t think your project is a perfect match, it probably isn’t. If you’re going to be paying a professional grant writer to pull together your funding submission, you need to make sure you’ve done your homework in the first place. Is the funding program a suitable match? Have you fully developed your project? Do you have all of the necessary partners on board? Do this legwork first and you’ll save yourself time and money in the long-run.

Agree on either a set fee or a combination of set fee and commission– most professional grant writers opt for a set upfront fee and an additional commission if the grant is successful. Make sure you understand what the fee structure is and when you need to pay it. Most funding programs will not allow you to take a grant writers fee out of your grant, so you need to be able to pay for this out of your own funds or out of the administrative component you include in your grant budget.

Agree on the tasks each of you will complete – it is not possible for a grant writer to write a grant for you from start to finish without your input. Agree at the beginning what tasks you need to complete. Some of these tasks might be collecting supporting documentation (including certificates of incorporation, insurance certificates of currency, bank statements), arranging letters of support and working out the budget. Basically the grant writer will compile the grant application from the information you supply them so your application will only ever be as good as what you contribute in.

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