Issue 1 March 2010

GCCA Newsletter #1 March 2010

Welcome to the Association’s first official newsletter!

Our fundamental goal is to assist groups who are carrying out on-ground environmental management and restoration work to help improve the quality of the Gold Coast’s Catchments. So if you are working on the beach at Kirra or in the hills at Beechmont, our aim is to help you, help the environment.

The committee has been very busy. We have had productive planning sessions with Gold Coast City Council; we have developed a set of Goals for 2010 and updated the website; we are continuing our work with the Catchment Scorecard and have introduced a new initiative called PlatypusWatch.

This newsletter will be sent out regularly to keep you informed and give you the opportunity to interact and become involved. Contact us at any time at

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Planning Update

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Gold Coast City is a major supporter of the Gold Coast Catchment Association and its members. Initiatives such as the Gold Coast Nature Conservation Strategy commit millions of dollars to environmental land management, much of which involves participation by community groups. We need to stay connected to these initiatives so that we can ensure that their implementation maximizes opportunities for our members.

The units within Council who interface most with the Association and its members are the Catchment Management Unit (CMU) and Natural Areas Management Unit (NAMU).

In February we had joint planning session with CMU. It was a very positive meeting and the first step to developing a much closer relationship with Council.

In the words of Senior Catchment Management Officer, Grant Perriot, “I want to reiterate how serious the CMU is about engaging with the community and particularly about working with the Gold Coast Catchment Association. I think maintaining the dialogue at a senior level is vital.”

We will keep you informed of developments as they occur. Suffice to say the interests of each of your organizations will be the primary focus of our discussions.

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Catchment Scorecard training ready to go!

catchment scorecard

The Catchment Scorecard is one of the Association’s major initiatives. We see it as a practical way of the community getting involved in measuring the health of our waterways and then highlighting the results on ourinteractive map.

catchment scorecard

A great deal of work has gone into making the Catchment Scorecard an easy to use, yet rigorous method of surveying our waterways. Check out the form for yourself.

Well we are ready to start training and our approach is to come to you with a well designed training package. Perhaps we can come on one of your field days so the training causes a minimum of disruption.

Please contact Janine Sigley on 0400 910 678 or to arrange a convenient time.

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Website Update and ability to add your own information.

Mwebsite updateThe website has been updated. Spend some time and explore the site. Look for your group in the “Getting Involved” Map. Check out you group’s individual website.

These group websites are a wonderful way for you to communicate with your members and to let the rest of the world what you are up to. It is also a great place to store a information about your site – rather than have it sitting on a computer, why not put it on a central place that can be shared with others?

We have just added new member websites for South Stradbroke Island Landcare and Springbrook Landcare, and updated the Bilinga / North Kirra, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Paradise Point and Runaway Bay BeachCare Sites.

However in order to give you more flexibility we have now added the ability for to update your own sites. This will save us a lot of work and give you the flexibility of editing what you want, when you want.

All you need to do is contact us on and we will provide you with a username and password.

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PlatypusWatch Survey – Can you spare a few hours for the Platypus?

platypus watch

We are seeking volunteers who can spare a few hours to help us survey for platypus in the Gold Coast’s streams.

As a first step we will have an information and training session at David Fleays Wildlife Park. Join us at for a BBQ and an opportunity to study platypus close-up.

Then we will organize for volunteers to survey different creeks for platypus. You will sit by a creek early one morning and hopefully have the thrill of seeing the secretive platypus swimming and diving along your section of creek.

Information/training Session

Date: Saturday 27th March 2010 Time: 9AM

Venue: David Fleays Wildlife, West Burleigh Road, West Burleigh.

Contact: Glenn Normand Ph. 02 66727636 or (m) 0403901413 Email:

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