Invasive Species Control

Invasive species are one of the major causes of loss of natural systems and wildlife. Invasive weeds can smother whole creek systems and kill creek bank vegetation.  Wildlife lose their habitat and soil becomes loose and pollutes the water.  Invasive animals such as cane toads poison anything that eats them, causing mass deaths leading to local extinction. Watergum’s Invasive Species Control Program empowers the general public to do something about this problem.  We provides the means for local communities to get into their backyards, farms and local parks and act directly to help manage and eradicate invasive species and help their local environment.

Cats Claw Creeper

We breed the Leaf mining jewel beetle (Hylaeogena jureceki) for Cats Claw Creeper control. Read more here!

Cane Toad Challenge

Help reduce cane toad numbers on the Gold Coast!

Coming soon