Good news with so much happening. Gold Coast Catchment Association enews 22 June 2016 Inbox

East Coast Low: a weekend of perfect storms

The rains arrived as predicted and filled up our waterways and floodplains. The worst affected area was Coolangatta, which received 153mm of rain in an intense three hours and 280mm across the weekend. While in the heat of the 24hr storm, the following catchments recorded:


– UPPER SPRINGBROOK: 236mm (we know there was more!)


– BEECHMONT: 146mm

– CANUNGRA: 117mm

That means our waterfalls, waterways and creeks will be flowing strong, reminding us how important healthy waterways are for our catchments, especially riparian, creek-side, vegetation.

Our beaches came away a lot less damaged than Sydney’s beaches. The more recent calm seas and build up of sand gave the beaches and dunes a natural buffer. Improved coastal management and the roll out of the Ocean Beaches Strategy also help mitigate the impacts we saw in 2013, with ex TC Oswald.

The message we can take away from the weekend is to continually add value to the work we all do – restore, protect and conserve our natural areas and catchments.

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