Currumbin Creek Care

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Currumbin Creek Care Group

Formed in 2008 working in partnership with the City of Gold Coast NaturallyGC Landcare Program

The Currumbin Creek Care Group was formed in 2008 in partnership with our Natural Areas Management Unit's NaturallyGC Volunteer Landcare Program. The group assists with the restoration of a 1.5-kilometre section of creek line at Currumbin Creek Reach. This park passes through a sustainable living development known as the Ecovillage. The creek area was greatly disturbed by past management practices, high nutrient run-off from surrounding cleared land, high sunlight intrusion and impacts by residential development activities. In some areas, very little native vegetation remained.

The group, over time, has significantly contributed to stabilising and enhancing this section of Currumbin Creek by planting over 30,000 native riparian species and undertaking environmental weed control works.


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