These instructions will explain how you can log your deer walks using the AllTrails app and send them through to Watergum. This data is extremely valuable to us as it allows us to see which areas are being monitored for evidence of deer and ultimately it helps us demonstrate where deer populations are on the Gold Coast. This information will all remain confidential and will not be shared with the general public.


To start recording your walk, first open the AllTrails app


Tap on ‘Navigate’ on the bottom navigation bar


Choose ‘Start without a route’


Tap on the green ‘Start’ button at the bottom of the screen to start recording your activity using your phone’s built-in GPS


Choose your activity type by tapping the button to the right of the ‘Start’ button. Choose your activity and then press ‘Save’


You may now turn off your screen and put your phone in your pocket. Your GPS will record the route you take, as you go



During your walk, if you spot some deer damage or a deer, you can add a photo or waypoint (a marker) by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen


When you have reached the end of your walk, tap and hold the pause button to end your activity and then tap ‘Finish’


You will then rate your activity, add any photos you took (if you haven’t already), provide a title for your recording and provide a review for the activity. Please use the following naming standard to help us manage all the data, ‘VOLUNTEER INITIALS_SUBURB_DD/MM/YYYY’, eg. ‘HD_NERANG_25/03/2022’


Click ‘Finish’ to save


To share your walk with Watergum, click the share button at the top right of the screen.


At the bottom of your screen there will be a number of share options. Select the email option.


If you can’t see the email option in your list, click the ‘more’ option to look for your email app.


Once you have clicked on the email option, an email will automatically be created with your track file attached. Enter ‘‘ in the ‘To’ section and then hit send (the blue arrow in the top right corner).

Thank you for your valuable data!