Cane Toad Challenge Enrolment – Adult

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This course is ideal for those who want to learn more about cane toads. Once completed, you will then be eligible to join the Cane Toad Challenge on the Gold Coast! The Cane Toad Challenge is a revolutionary new method of cane toad control that uses the toad’s own toxins against them! This short online course will provide you with all the information you need to successfully deploy your tadpole traps and stall the next generation of cane toads. When used effectively, one lure can catch over 5000 tadpoles!

Its important that you take in all the information provided in this course as the traps can be completely ineffective if used incorrectly.

Some of our members have managed to nearly eradicate cane toads from their properties by persevering with the techniques outlined in this course.  They have observed the return of native species, improved water quality and have created a safe environment for their dogs and children.

PLEASE NOTE – the 2020/2021 cane toad season is coming to a close and we won’t be able to supply anyone with a tadpole trap for the next couple of months. However, please continue to complete the course, get educated, then you are ready to go when the next season starts in September-time 2021!

Remember to press COMPLETE at the bottom of each lesson once you have read and understood it! Once a lesson is completed, a blue tick will appear next to it in the left hand side-bar and your course progress will be updated.

Once you have completed the entire course and passed both of the quizzes you qualify for CTC membership! If you would like to purchase a tadpole trap, please email us at and send us a screenshot of your quiz results. Then you can arrange to come in and collect your trap and lures from us in Nerang on the Gold Coast. Traps are $30 and lures are supplied free of charge. We are a not-for-profit organisation and revenue from trap sales goes on more trap-making materials.

This course is open to anyone who want to learn more about cane toads but please be aware that if you want to get a trap and lures you will need to come to us in Nerang, Gold Coast, so if you live far away, this may not be feasible.

Good Luck!