Current Opportunities with Watergum

No opportunities currently. However, new volunteer roles will be advertised at the end of June, 2023!

Volunteering with Watergum

Watergum has a variety of options for those who want to volunteer for environmental work and programs. The role of volunteers in the environmental sector is critical and Watergum aims to guide this dedicated army into meaningful work that ultimately serves to restore and monitor the natural environment for the benefit of native species.


Benefits to our Volunteers

Watergum volunteers are matched to activities that best suit their interests and will have the opportunity to learn from professionals and improve their skills. Watergum is the umbrella group for other local environmental (un-incorporated) groups and our volunteers benefit from our rich network of contacts. Volunteer progress and achievements are recorded and Watergum will support volunteers to achieve their personal and professional goals.


How do volunteers benefit Watergum?

Volunteers are vital to Watergum’s very existence with our role being to unite the volunteer army and bring them together to achieve bigger outcomes. We do this through acquisition of education, training and skills. Watergum has different types of volunteers, designed to make the most of the volunteers existing skills, needs and time availability.


More information

For more information or to enquire about our current volunteer opportunities, first check out the rest of our website to read about on-going citizen science programs and upcoming events join us in the field. For further guidance, please email us on