Cane Toad Challenge Mapping

Our members have been working hard, collecting toads and tadpoles on their properties and in their suburbs. Neighbourhood representation is key to the success of the cane toad challenge. The more people actively controlling cane toads in their area, the greater the impact will be.

Check out the map below to see how well represented each suburb is and which suburbs could desperately do with some more members! Green are well represented whereas red suburbs need more members. Click on each suburb to see how many tadpoles and toads have been reportedly caught in that suburb.

If you live in a green suburb, join other members and help them work towards a cane toad free suburb! If you live in a red suburb then get involved now and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Work towards impacting cane toads over the next season.

We know that the real numbers of toads and tadpoles caught by our members are much higher than our records show. It is imperative that all members upload their data so we can see how much impact the program is having on cane toad numbers!