Cane Toad Challenge Data

Watergum’s Gold Coast Cane Toad Challenge has now been operating for 1 year. Our members have been trapping tadpoles, catching toads and uploading their data. Here are our current stats!


We currently have 150+ active members trapping tadpoles in the ponds, dams and creeks on their properties. Members are trained how to trap tadpoles effectively and use use techniques designed by scientists to count their catch.


Many of our members don’t have water on their property but they contribute to the CTC by catching the adults. Trapping tadpoles is not enough on its own, Removing the adults is vital to achieve successful cane toad control.

Future Toad Prevention

Female toads lay 2 clutches of eggs per year, each clutch can consist of up to 35,000 eggs. So each female toad removed from the environment is the removal of up to 70,000 future toads from the next generation. Male toads are randy! Removing a male from the environment prevents countless thousands of toads from hatching into the next generation.

Tadpoles Caught


Toads Caught


Future toads prevented


Battle of the suburbs!

2nd Place


1st Place!


3rd Place

South MacLean

Check out our interactive members map below. We’re battling the suburbs against each other to see where the biggest impacts are being made against cane toads. We’re keeping track of tadpoles catches, we’re keeping track of toad busting results and we’re assessing how toad populations change over time in these areas.

Team up with your suburb and help them to be the best at cane toad control by catching tadpoles, catching toads and uploading your data!

Click on each suburb to see how they are getting on. You can tell how well represented each suburb is by the colour of the icon. Green is well represented, yellow is moderately well represented and red suburbs need more members!

Want to get involved? Click here to find out how.