BioBlitz Survey Leaders


David Jinks

Gold Coast Botany

David has 30 years of local botany experience, a personal highlight of David’s career is the discovery of a new species of ancient rainforest tree at Springbrook, named in his honour: Eucryphia jinksii.

Flora Survey

Andrew Franks


President of the Australian Bryological Network and curator of the
Queensland Herbarium’s (BRI) bryophyte collection, Andrew has undertaken bryophyte surveys across Queensland and is reasonably confident that he is the only consulting arborist to specialise moss.

Moss Survey


Paul Donatiu

Healthy Land and Water

Paul works for Healthy Land and Water and supervises habitat restoration projects on the Gold Coast. Paul has worked for WWF, Greening Australia and the National Parks Association, and is a keen amateur botanist.

Flora survey

Dr. Sandra Tuszynska


Dr. Sandra Tuszynska is a mycologist with a special interest in the role of fungi in ecosystems, as nature’s feeders, regenerators, protectors and innovators.

Fungi survey

Jacob White


Jacob is an experienced bush regenerator with an special interest in native plants of the Gold Coast region. He has a particular interest in identifying and preserving rare and threatened rainforest flora.

Flora Survey

Martin Bennett

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Martin has 25 year’s experience in the ecology field specialising in flora and ecosystems, including threatened flora species surveys, and Bio conditioning

Flora Survey

Steven Gill

Gold Coast Catchment Association

Steven is an enthusiastic environmental champion dedicating all his time to waterbugs, litter pick ups and tree planting. He was also a key contributor to the city’s Water Strategy.

Waterbug Survey

Ross Coupland

Insect enthusiast

Insect Survey

Amphibians and Reptiles

Kris Boody

City of Gold Coast

I Love Water Bugs, work for Council’s Catchment Management Unit, and use my extensive experience in NRM, Marine science and natural reveg / regeneration to look after the environment.

Waterbug Survey

Jacob Davis

Insect enthusiast

Insect Survey

Maria Maruca

Dragonfly enthusiast

A conference delegate for the Dragonfly Society of the Americas, Maria’s expertise has taken her around the world to observe Odonata in many countries including Bulgaria, Singapore, Cambodia and the U.S.

Dragonfly survey

James Cifuentes

Insect enthusiast

Insect survey

Dr. Tobias Smith


Dr Tobias Smith is a native bee researcher based at the University of Queensland, and the owner of education business Bee Aware Kids. He inspires thousands of community members on bee conservation year round.

Native Bee Survey

Isaac Wishart

Reptile and amphibian enthusiast

A professional wildlife photographer with 8 years experience, Isaac has vast knowledge of the local flora and fauna with a specific passion for reptiles.

Reptile Survey


Jono Hooper

Frogs Queensland

President of the QLD Frog Society over the past 5 years, Jono works as an ecologist and specialises in frog ecology.

Frog Survey

Natalie Hoskins


Natalie has 22 years experience working as an Environmental Scientist. She specialises in Environmental Management and assessments. She is also one of our Co-ordinators for the PlatypusWatch program and has been so for 7 years!

Platypus Survey


Rosalinde Brinkman

Gold Coast Catchment Association

Experienced environmental scientist who is specialised in community engagement and environmental project management. She is Co-ordinator of our PlatypusWatch program

Platypus Survey

Todd Burrows

Land for Wildlife

Todd is a Conservation Partnerships Officer at the City of Gold Coast with a special interest in birds and nature photography. He also works with private landholders through the Land for Wildlife scheme.

Bird Survey

Crayfish and Fish

Deb Metters

Second Nature

Deborah has a wealth of experience as an avid birder, eBirder and bird photographer. Debra especially enjoys regularly surveying birds in a variety of habitats from mudflats to rainforests. 

Bird Survey

Sheena Gillman

Birds Queensland

A committee member of BirdLife, Project Coordinator of Protect the Bush Alliance and deeply involved in the Northern Recovery of the Eastern Bristlebird Project, Sheena enjoys being with people ‘in Nature’.

Bird Survey

Gary Crouch

Birdlife Australia

Having worked outdoors all his life, Gary has a deep interest in wildlife and particularly birds. Stalking birds and animals on foot in his younger days, he’s graduated to wildlife photography in recent years.

Bird Survey

Rob McCormack


Robert is a committed wildlife conservationist who now spends all of his spare time on various crayfish related projects either trying to contribute to the conservation of specific species or raise the public perception of crayfish and their function as keystone species.

Crayfish Survey

Koalas and Nightspotting

Peter Johnson


Secretary of the Australia New Guinea Fishes Association for 10 years and an important breeder of rare, endangered and critically endangered native fish for Bush Heritage Australia. He is currently working to set up threatened fish breeding in schools through ANGFA Qld’s ‘Fish in Schools’ program.

Fish Survey

Josh Bassett

CoGC Koala Team

Josh Bassett is a City of Gold Coast Conservation Officer responsible for implementing the actions in the citywide Koala Conservation Plan, including community engagement.

Koala Survey

Paul Revie


Paul works as an ecologist for Envirosphere Consulting and is studying two Master’s degrees. His passion is Australian mammals, with a particular focus on quolls. Paul has years of experience in the field.

Night spotting

Todd Burrows

Land for Wildlife

Todd is a Conservation Partnerships Officer at the City of Gold Coast with a special interest in birds and nature photography. He also works with private landholders through the Land for Wildlife scheme.

Night spotting

Jesse Kenny

CoGC Koala Team

Ecological restoration professional, currently operating in roles as a Senior Conservation Officer for the City’s Vulnerable Species Management team and Conservation Partnerships team.

Koala Survey