About the event

The Gold Coast BioBlitz is an annual event designed to promote engagement between Gold Coast residents and local flora and fauna experts in on-ground wildlife surveys over a 24hr period. In this way, it provides a very practical means of describing and recording the biological diversity of unique areas.

Beneath the canopy an extraordinary world opens up – strangler figs, epiphytes, rare birds and even rarer plants, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, massive vines that tangle in the trees, boulders as big as houses and mossy fern groves where you’ll find fascinating little creatures. And the walks are something else.

The Numinbah BioBlitz will showcase the skills of some of Australia’s premier ecologists, botanists and zoologists with speciality backgrounds in plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, freshwater crayfish, freshwater fish and so much more.

The GC BioBlitz provides an opportunity for you to engage and network with environmental professionals, 20 partner groups and the broader GC community. The communication opportunities alone will give you exposure to the membership of partner groups, recognition by the City of Gold Coast, and substantial publicity during the event.

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