BioBlitz Program


Please find our draft program here. These are general session times and all surveys will fit loosely into these time-slots. Please be aware that individual surveys vary in length and you won’t be out for the entire session time.

Session times are as followed:

DEC 4 – Friday night 6PM – 12AM
DEC 5 – Saturday morning 6AM – 12PM
DEC 5 – Saturday afternoon 12PM – 6PM
DEC 5 – Saturday night 6PM – 12AM
DEC 6 – Sunday morning 6AM – 12PM
DEC 6 – Sunday afternoon 12PM – 3PM

Registration will open late October, save the date and don’t miss out!

Difficulty levels will vary with different surveys and different survey leaders so it is important that you let us know your fitness level at the time of booking so we can allocate people appropriately.

Draft Program

Draft program last updated on 06/08/20